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September 4, 2012
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Sons of the Bat... Part 4 (of 5) by jasonhohoho Sons of the Bat... Part 4 (of 5) by jasonhohoho
Also posted on my sketchblog: [link]

The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne, AKA The Demon.

  • Age: Mid 20's

  • Damian has matured as both a man and costumed hero, and left the nest a few years ago to travel the world. After the apparent final death of Ra's al Ghul, Damian seized control of the League of Shadows with the instrumental backing of his mother, and the assistance of his father and 'brothers.' Under Damian's leadership, the League has become a force for good, though he and his mother are constantly battling splinter factions who wish to remain true to Ra's al Ghul's ways. Damian is still competitive with his brothers, but the interactions have lost their antagonistic edge. Of particular note, he and Tim have eased into a very friendly dynamic (Oracle has assisted the new League of Shadows countless times), and he has surprisingly become quite the big brother to Terry (however Tim is apparently the only member of the Bat-clan who knows that Damian and Terry are actual brothers).

  • This backstory combines elements from standard continuity, as well as aspects of the Kingdom Come version of Batman and Talia's son.

  • Damian is still prone behave imperiously, so red is a fitting color, I think.

  • The cowl is something of a hybrid between Thomas Wayne's masquerade bat costume and Ra's al Ghul's demon mask--a nod to both of Damian's grandfathers. The V-shaped brow is an element from Damian's Redbird costume, to add an element of his own identity on top of his dual heritage.

  • The rest of the costume combines elements of Damian's Robin costume with Ra's al Ghul's high-collared cloak (modified to bring it in line with the cloaks of Red Hood and Oracle).

  • His scimitar is a hard light construct.

Well thought out dude. Nifty look!
jasonhohoho Oct 15, 2012  Professional
thanks, man! :D
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