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October 31, 2008
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Monsters of Breakfast - 5 of 5 by jasonhohoho Monsters of Breakfast - 5 of 5 by jasonhohoho
also posted on my sketchblog:

The Subject: General Mills cereal monsters.

The Twist: Drawing them in the style of Capcom's fighting game franchise, Darkstalkers.

It's Halloween, and here's the dude everyone has been waiting for--Count Chocula! Okay, maybe not everyone has been waiting for him, but the handful of people who are interested in this series of sketches have been waiting. Probably.

Naturally, my interpretation of Count Chocula is based on his vampiric Darkstalkers counterpart, Demitri. This one was a lot of fun for me. I couldn't tell you why exactly... it's possible that I just enjoyed it more because it came together pretty easily. In particular, I'm happy with how the purply-brown color scheme and billowing cape turned out.
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Count Chocula is supposed Noseferatu based, he should look like Zabel.
Hatake-Kakashi666 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
OMFG!!! I love Count Chocula. xD
jasonhohoho Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Professional
Skooterwolf Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
You could make more cereal mascots in your style, Sonny, Trix rabbit and Sugar bear would look cool.
jasonhohoho Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional
i definitely have some other cereal mascots in mind, just a matter of getting around to it... not enough hours in the day! @_@
Skooterwolf Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
I sure you do them very soon, take your time and smell the roses, I can wait a long time. =)
Curt-teh-Murt Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008  Student Interface Designer
I just :+fav: this whole series, excellent work on all of them
jasonhohoho Featured By Owner May 12, 2009  Professional
thank you so much! :D
Sllohcin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional General Artist
I was waiting for this one too!

I hope you don't mind though... I have a crit :)

I think you included just a bit too much muscle definition in his suit and the lighting just intensifies it.

Regardless, You're one of my favourite artists. Your work always screams "FUN!".
jasonhohoho Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional
thank you very much, ric! in all honesty--you are one of my favorite artists too. your work (and the work of a few others) was what made me want to join in the fun at

for the record, i welcome any and all crits from you--because of the supreme respect i have for your abilities, i consider you beyond qualified to offer input! in this particular case, the hyper definition of muscles through count chocula's suit is an intenional homage to demitri's skin-tight clothing in the game darkstalkers. but it definitely looks a little weird... lol
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